Hoya’s HD3 Ultra Hard Filters kill glare and withstand the harshest environments.

Hoya’s HD3 UV and Circular Polarizer filters are created for any weather environment, from dust storms to deep freeze to bright sun to heavy rain. With our hard-as-nails, ultra-smooth nano-coating technology and hardened optical glass, Hoya’s HD3 filters are the toughest filters on the planet. Water beads up and rolls off. Fingerprints and oil smudges are easily wiped away. And our high-pressure, one-piece design ensures our filters will never come apart like glass-mounted systems.

The Hoya Advantage


4x stronger than the competition
Chemically enchanced, ultra-clear superior optical glass


800% (UV) and 200% (CIR-PL) harder
Up to 99.7% light transmission
Water and oil repellent, scratch and stain resistant


Glass mounted with high-pressure press technology Frame will not come apart
Ultra-thin frame for wide angle lenses still has filter threads for standard lens caps


Our proprietary coating creates the clearest UV protection available

The HD3 UV’s new coating technology ensures up to 99.7% light transmission, without the interference of unseemly glare and reflections. The sun and the clouds are yours to shoot as you wish. In addition, the UV’s new 32-layer coating system reduces and/or eliminates reflections that cause image degrading flare and ghosting, with no loss of sharpness or contrast, no matter where you shoot.



Our polarizer opens up the skies for vibrant colors and dramatic contrasts

The HD3 Circular Polarizer filters are built to select which rays enter your camera lens and which do not, minimizing unwanted reflections and enabling more saturation of colors and clarity without compromise. The effect increases the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds, in addition to maintaining the color balance of your overall photos.


...and Hoya Tough

We use the hardest glass and the hardest coatings to protect your lens

Hoya’s HD3 filters are as tough as they come, designed to protect as well as they perform. Our chemically enhanced optical glass is 4X stronger than what our competitors offer. In addition, our new 800% harder ultra-smooth nano-coating offers maximum protection, safeguarding your lens in even the harshest of environments, while providing all the features you expect from Hoya filter technology.